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Thursday, April 3, 2008

This Guy Was REALLLLY Trashed!

Word to the wise -- if you ever wake up inside a trash truck, start yelling and don´t stop till you get the heck out of there. Disregard the embarrassment factor. It´s definitely better for your long-term prospects (short-term too, for that matter) to make your presence known before the driver turns on the big squeezer.

This gentleman (I´m giving him the benefit of the doubt) in Muncie, Ind., did just that -- he spoke up in the nick of time. As a result, he´ll have an interesting story to tell his drinking buddies for years to come.

So will the truck driver, who piped up with this memorable quote: "I´m glad it turned out the way it did. We didn´t have a body that was dead. We had a body that was talking."

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