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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Breakfast's Got a Brand New Bag

The cereal box, that staple of morning rituals for generations, is getting a modern makeover.

Sonoco, the South Carolina packaging giant that created the Pringles pop-top canister, has developed something similar for the breakfast table.

The canister has no liner bag and takes up less space than the standard sharp-edged cereal box. Plus, the new canisters are made with 50 percent of material previously used by consumers.

Target stores recently started offering oblong canisters of their house brand of cereal, Archer Farms. Target brags on its Web site that the “bag-free container features an easy-flow spout and snap-shut lid that is reclosable” — welcome words to those who’ve tried to rip open a paper liner and ended up with a cereal tsunami.

Target and canister maker Sonoco Products Co. kept their lids shut Tuesday. Efforts to get more details were unsuccessful.

Sonoco is slated to unveil the new cereal canister formally today at its annual shareholders meeting in Hartsville.

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