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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Even BARBIE is Going Green

Discarded Ken Not Included; Barbie's discards to become accessories for girls

We are not making this up: Mattel is planning a new line of accessories for girls made from scrap fabric and trimmings left over from the sewing of Barbie doll fashions. The "playful and on-trend" Barbie BCause collection -- including handbags, hats, pillows, and diaries, "each featuring its own unique variations and kitschy patchwork details" -- will be sold exclusively at Toys"R"Us.

Says a Mattel marketer, "Barbie BCause is for eco-conscious girls who believe that being environmentally friendly is the right thing to do, and we are thrilled to give extra meaning and extra style to what was once just extra Barbie doll fabric." The press release is dated April 1, but Mattel folks confirm that Barbie BCause is not a joke.

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