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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

So Jon Bon Jovi is Green - Could He Be Any More Perfect??

Bon Jovi will offset 5,000 tons of CO2 during new tour

March 25 -- Bon Jovi plans to offset more than 5,000 tons of carbon dioxide to account for the band´s upcoming six-month tour.

The band selected a company called NativeEnergy to provide the carbon offsets to cover its international "Lost Highway Tour."

"As displayed through Bon Jovi´s efforts, the positive effect that leaders in the entertainment industry can have in the fight against global warming in significant," said Tom Boucher, president and CEO of NativeEnergy.

Bon Jovi also offset the carbon impact of the band´s 205 and 2006 tour.

"Through NativeEnergy we are making an investment in renewable energy projects that we hope will result in efficient alternatives to power our tours in the future," said lead singer Jon Bon Jovi. "Until then, we want to help those who are seeking solutions to a problem we can´t afford to ignore."

Native Energy offers credits and offsets from a variety of renewable energy projects.

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