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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. . . An Airplane?

Sure, everyone’s in favor of recycling, but wouldn’t it be fun if paper and glass were being made into something besides more paper and glass? How about taking all your discarded plastics and turning them into a gorgeous working chandelier? Berlin-based artist Stuart Haygarth created just such a dazzling objet d’art — which you can see on Superuse.org , a website that showcases the sublime creations he and others have fashioned out of the world’s rubbish.

Hosted by 2012 Architects, a group of environmentally minded designers, and Suite 75, a company that creates Internet applications, Superuse highlights ingenious inventions from around the world (like the solar-powered water heater a Chinese farmer made with beer bottles and hosepipes). Many of the projects are small wonders (the harmonium built from a vacuum cleaner), but the monumental transformations are striking: The Boeing 727 that a Mississippi woman turned into a house could be a set from a great sci-fi film — it’s brilliant and just barely this side of implausible.

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