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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Americans Want to Spend on Green, But Can't Figure Out How

This piece from Grist doesn't surprise me at all. I think the average consumer wants to to something, but doesn't know how. There is confusion as to what is legitimately green and what is merely greenwashing. For instance, so many people are now buying products marketed as biodegrable, but don't realize that in order for it to degrade, the product has to be composted vs. thrown out, aka landfilled. Nothing degrades in a landfill! I hope non-profits and other groups will help educate consumers!

Americans want to spend on green, but can't figure out how, says study

Americans are primed to spend up to $104 billion on "green" technologies this year -- but don't know where to find them, says a new study. Which seems crazy, considering the plethora of green-shopping websites and companies joining in on the "green revolution," but what do we know? According to the survey conducted by Rockbridge Associates, some half of the spending on green technologies this year could come in the form of easier-on-the-earth vehicles.

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