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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Convention Wisdom: Republican Convention to go Green

Republicans at the party's national convention in Minneapolis in early September may disagree over how to approach environmental issues, but they'll be disagreeing at a green event, organizers say.

The plan is to make the convention carbon neutral, and to green up other aspects of the gathering with recycled-fiber carpet, booths and stages constructed of local, sustainably harvested wood, water in petroleum-free bottles, biodegradable plates, composted food waste, non-plastic banners printed with soy-based inks, energy-efficient lighting, and reduced paper use. Bicycles will be made available for delegates to pedal to and from hotels -- though how many will actually take advantage of the eco-perk remains to be seen.

The communications director of the GOP Convention Committee on Arrangements said, "Republicans, like all Americans, support responsible stewardship of the land.

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