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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Green Costume Ideas for Halloween

Looking for a way to spread the message of environmentalism with a sense of humor? Why not consider a green-themed Halloween costume for this year's round of parties and trick-or-treating?

Following are 10 costume ideas with eco-friendly flair. You can be even more green by making sure you use old or recycled clothing, fabrics and other materials when putting together your preferred look for Oct. 31:

Green business. After all, everyone seems to be doing this (or at least claiming to be), right? A simple costume: all you need is an all-green business suit or business skirt outfit. Browse the thrift stores or resale shops, or dye (environmentally friendly colors only, please) an old suit green if necessary. You can heighten the effect with green face paint and green hair, if you like.

Willie Nelson. Another easy costume. All you need is a long, gray wig wrapped into a single braid, a cowboy hat or bandana on your head, some old jeans and a fake gray beard and, voila, you're everybody's favorite progressive country musician-slash-biofuel advocate.

Al Gore. This one's even easier ... and guarantees lively party conversations with your conservative friends: all you need is a sharp, dark suit (add a bit of extra body padding underneath), white shirt, dark tie and a copy of "An Inconvenient Truth" tucked under your arm, and you're set.

Compact fluorescent light bulb. Start your costume by donning a tight, white turtleneck and slim white pants or tights. Then inflate a dozen or so long, white balloons, tie them end to end, and wrap them around you from chest to hips for that unique, spiral-bound light bulb look.

Mother Nature/Mother Earth/Gaia. A classic look that can be achieved in a variety of ways: swirly broom skirt with peasant blouse, sea-blue and grass-green sweater and tights, or even an Earth globe sandwich board. Dress up the look with a floral head-wreath; flowers, fish and animal cut-outs pinned to your clothes; and a fake bluebird or robin perched on your arm.

Global warming. Start with an Earth globe sandwich board costume, clip one of those old-fashioned ice bags (or stuff an old white t-shirt with socks and tie a knot at the top) to the top of your head and stick an oversized thermometer (you can make one using a extra-large straw or long balloon if you can't find the appropriate prop) with a reading of 105 degrees Fahrenheit in your mouth. Ta da! You're the walking incarnation of climate change.

Tree hugger. Cut an extra pair of arm holes below the sleeves of an old sweatshirt or t-shirt, and stick your arms through those. Stuff the shirt's sleeves with rags, newspaper or socks, pin the ends together in front of you, then tuck a small, fake tree inside the false arms.

Rising sea levels. This one's for fans of really bad puns: Dress in a sea-blue turtleneck and tights or slim pants, cut out a few dozen letter "Cs" from white fabric or paper, and pin, sew or glue them to your clothes in an ascending sequence around your body. Rising "Cs," get it?

Green roof. Find or make yourself a flat-topped hat and cover it with fake grass or turf-like carpeting. Glue a miniature chimney or satellite antenna on as well for added effect.

"I'm Not a Plastic Bag." Dress up as one of the year's hottest green fashion statements: Anya Hindmarch's canvas shopping bag. Create a body-sized bag with canvas or light-colored burlap, attach a handle to the top and write the fashion statement (you can see what the bag looks like here) on the front with a marker or fabric paint.

© Shirley Siluk Gregory

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