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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Plan in Place to Protect Cozumel´s Natural Beauty

Ed. Note: I think this calls for a fact-finding mission!

Jan. 15, Waste News -- Cozumel, Mexico, has a new environmental protection agreement in place to help protect the island, which can receive up to 10,000 visitors a day via cruise ships.

The conservation agreement covers areas such as waste management and traffic and includes environmental awareness and education for cruise ship passengers.

"This is an exciting moment in time, bringing many different interests together to work on the common goal of protecting Cozumel´s natural heritage in order to strike the right balance between tourism and conserving the environment it depends on," said Seleni Matus of Conservation International.

Conservation International, a non-profit group, worked with Cozumel´s Department of Tourism and the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association to help create the conservation agreement.

Cozumel had 1,058 cruise ship dockings and 2.6 million visitors in 2006.

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