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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Funky New Bottles as Innocent Delivers on Recycling Promise

I think this is a British product, but I LOVED reading about it!

If you're a big smoothie fan, you'll be pleased to hear that innocent will be selling all of its smoothies in 100% recycled bottles as of next week. This follows an initial trial back in September 2007 when innocent became the first ever drinks company in the world to put 100% recycled PET packaging on the shelf.

You'll know you've got a bit of recycling history in your hand, as innocent’s logo will be changing colour and shape to resemble the well known green recycling symbol. The limited edition label will be turning shop shelves green for the last two weeks of February. The new bottles are fully recyclable at the end of life, and use 20% less plastic overall than innocent’s original packaging. In addition to using no virgin materials at all, the move will see a dramatic 55% reduction in the carbon footprint of the packaging. Way to go innocent!


rox said...

WHY does the City not recycle oj cartons?!?

Winstons Girl said...

No one does. Not in this neck of the woods, anyway. The cartons are made of something called "wet pak," which is paper with a wax coating. There is simply no end market for the product. The best bet is to buy your OJ in plastic bottles, which can be recycled.