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Monday, July 7, 2008

Recycle Your CDs

CDs: You listen to them on your stereo, play them in your computer, or watch movies on them. And now you can recycle them!

“Each year over 30 billion CDs and DVDs are still being manufactured, while millions of unwanted, damaged and obsolete discs end up in landfills and incinerators every month,” states Bruce Bennett, founder of The Compact Disc Recycling Center of America. “It is important for those individuals or companies that use, sell, manufacture or promote compact discs to also responsibly promote how and where to recycle them.”

When compacts discs are placed in the trash, it is harmful to the environment. When discs are recycled properly, it will help stop unnecessary pollution, conserve natural resources, and slow global warming. The plastic used in compact discs can be recycled into other everyday items, including household products, building materials, and auto parts.

Adds Bennett,"I feel the main reason people are throwing out unwanted CDs and DVDs is that they simply don’t know what else to do with them. Now they can learn the importance of disc recycling, and also have a place to send them. They can send us one or one million discs and we’ll accept and recycle them.”

Bennett also notes that the Recycling Center will accept discs still in their original packaging. The center will separate and recycle any paper components of the package as well. The Center asks that new members place The CD Recycling Center logo on any new compact disc releases, thus promoting to the end user how and where to recycle the disc when they are finished using it.

How does it work? The Center asks that people visit their recycling website, http://cdrecyclingcenter.com/, and sign in as a supporter. They would then print out a mailing label and simply mail or ship their disc waste to the collection center. Once the center receives the discs to recycle, it will post on their website the receipt of the discs, and list that supporter as a official Registered Member of The Compact Disc Recycling Center that has actively recycled disc material. The center encourages members to use and promote The CD Recycling Center logo, which will help actively promote the awareness to recycle compact discs.

The Compact Disc Recycling Center was founded in 2006 by Bruce Bennett, owner of The American Duplication Supply Group, including Superdups, New England Compact Disc and American Duplication Supply. After manufacturing millions of discs for thousands of customers, Bennett decided it was equally important as a manufacturer to educate people on the importance of disc recycling. The Compact Disc Recycling Center provides consumers and companies education, consultation, awareness and options for easy CD and DVD recycling, with a location to send the discs to.

The website, www.cdrecyclingcenter.com offers a range of articles, research, products and profiles of their growing number of supporters and members, all to be applauded by the recycling conscious consumer.

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rox said...

I'm SURE you can think of something cool to make out of used CD's....I have quite a few I could give you....