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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Green Gaming

From The Budget Ecoist, one of our favorite new sites!

Tired of the same old video and computer games? Wanting to do something with your brain other than numb it? Hulalagirls.com just may be your answer. Hulalagirls.com allows you to play online games - starring princesses of the sea, earth and sky - that raise environmental awareness.

Hulalagirls is dedicated to conserving and protecting nature through their Hulala Naturality initiative, where they strive to balance conservation with good business practices. With a mission dedicated to helping kids learn from nature, who doesn't want to see this little gaming company that could, succeed.

The game revolves around the wonders of Mother Nature, along with her built-in laws for recycling and rebuilding. The creators of the game believe a greater awareness of the environment is the first step toward building a deeper understanding and respect for the environment. This foundation will instill strong eco-friendly values in our children.

A portion of profits from Hulalagirls is donated to programs and causes that are designed to educate and inspire young minds about Mother Nature's principles, laws and magic. They also pledge to support environmental efforts that are aligned with our values. As a first step, Hulalagirls has integrated resource conservation into their products and operations. For example, they eliminate superfluous product packaging and use safe, recycled packing materials.

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