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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Trash Talk

We're way overdue for one of our periodic jaunts through the world of wild and wacky waste headlines from the World Wide Web.

'Tis The (Post-) Season: "Trash-talking sparks Bryant to 49-point game as Lakers win," Associated Press, April 24

Actually They Just Need To Go For The Jugular: "Cavs need to take out the garbage," Akron Beacon-Journal, April 30

Add This To The List Of Great Team Names: "Start recycling today for chance to win Hickory Crawdads tickets," Statesville [N.C.] Record & Landmark, May 1

Link Tight-Lipped, Provides Few Answers: "U.S. report questions link between Great Lakes pollution, health problems," Canadian Press, April 30

Whistler's Mother Mortified: "Fur flies over Whistler bear birth control," Calgary Herald, April 29

Unusual Unit of Measure: "Recycling tonnage equals 12.5 Chevy Impalas," Schaumburg [Ill.] Review, May 1

Fergot To Spell-Czech: "Town deals with anotehr garbage mess," The Evening Sun, Chenango County, N.Y., April 28

Recycling Polyps Kept Hidden? "New recycling 'nodes' unveiled," Harborough [U.K.] Mail, April 30

Tried Tighter Shoes, But That Didn't Work: "Global tourism struggles to shrink environmental footprint," Associated Press, April 30

Then What Did They Do? "Volunteers pull trash, poop," Daily Planet, Telluride, Colo., April 30

Thanks to Pete Fehrenbach, managing editor of Waste News, for these gems.

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