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Tuesday, December 11, 2007


The Brick Maker is the perfect way to recycle your newspaper for instant gratification.

Just fill the Brick Maker with damp paper and it creates the perfect, fireplace ready, briquette. The best part is, these stackable handy bricks do away with ugly paper piles!

The concept is pretty straightforward: the Brick Maker takes compressed wet newspaper and drives it into 8 1/2″ x 3 1/4″ bricks that burn at the rate of about 4 per hour.

Simply soak your newspaper in a bucket or tub (and mix in any assortment of sawdust, grass clippings, or aromatic chips if desired) and fill the brick maker, then press down on the handles to compact the lot. Once removed from the device just allow time for your brick to dry and use it as you would a log of wood in your stove or fireplace.

I'm ordering one today, even though I don't use my fireplace!

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Anonymous said...

i used this thing when i was very young, thinking it could become a home business... but after an afternoon of work and mess, i had 20 bricks drying on the driveway and sold them for $2 a piece to cover my time and delivery. my customers disappeared after the first delivery.

it's fun to make these bricks, though. get a huge basin to wet the newspaper. have a whole driveway to yourself, and easy way to wash the extra mess away. give the paper plenty of time to become soft. it must be broken down and the layers separated or else the press won't squeeze enough water to make a firm brick.

contact me j8cobparker(at)yahoo if you're really serious you're going to get this machine :)