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Friday, December 28, 2007

Green Public Radio Sound Bites

Here are some great "green" sound bites from Public Radio for your listening pleasure:

Tess' Trash Tour: We take our trash to the curb, but where does it go after that? Tess Vigeland rides along with her neighborhood garbage man to find out.

Turning Trash into Cash: Landfills may be eyesores for residents, but they have money and jobs to offer communities. Amy Scott visits a Pennsylvania town stuck in the middle of the trash trade.

Garbage across the Pacific: One country's garbage is another country's gold. Scott Tong takes us across the Pacific to see how America's trash has spawned a whole industry in China.

Our E-waste Comes Back to Haunt Us: There's a thriving global industry recovering the precious metals in the millions of electronic devices we throw away each year. But the toxic by-products are showing up in cheap imported goods. Scott Tong reports from China.

Can Wal-Mart Save the World? Retail powerhouse Wal-Mart has been taking great pains to improve its image by adopting environmental standards across all of its stores. Kai Ryssdal talks to Wal-Mart CEO Lee Scott.

Making Waves of Green: All Wal-Mart has to do to have an impact on green products is place an order. Reporter Sarah Gardner caught up with some of its 60,000 suppliers at a conference that the retail giant held to talk about sustainability.

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