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Sunday, April 5, 2009

ED2ED Day Eight: Buy Local Produce

Buying your produce at your local farmer's market is a great way to go green because 1) it diminishes the eco-perils associated with long-distance transportation; 2) local growers use fewer pesticides and practice sustainable farming methods; and 3) local grown food generally involves far less packaging. And if you live in the Midlands, you're in luck: today is the last day of the Midlands Plant and Flower Festival, 12 to 5 p.m. at the State Farmers Market on Bluff Road.

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kiwimeg said...

Its great that you are taking the EH2ED challenge! Love your EH2ED posts!

I've added your blog to my EH2ED blogroll at http://ow.ly/1Z7Y (Check it out to find out who else is taking part)

I'm also adding you to my daily EH2ED roundup at http://howtomakeadifferencenow.blogspot.com

Keep up the great work :)