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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Finally, A CFL I Like

I have to admit that I've been slow to come around to CFLs. I know they're great for the environment and save energy, but I just haven't liked the light output.

Today, one of the bulbs in my bedroom blew out, so I decided to switch them out for CFLs, despite my lack of enthusiasm for the actual light.

I found a package of Sylvania Soft White micro-mini CFLS and bought them because they are "instant on;" they don't have to "warm up"like the ones we have in the kitchen.

Anyway, I LOVE THESE BULBS! I purchased the 13 watt version, which equals a 60-watt incandescent, and they are brighter than any 60-watt I've used. Here are the details. I recommend them highly, and I've been a tough sell!

The SYLVANIA ENERGY STAR®-qualified Micro-Mini Twist CFL is a bright idea to light your space, protect your wallet, and help save your planet.

30 Percent Smaller: The SYLVANIA Micro-Mini Twist is 30 percent smaller than a standard CFL, the new energy saver SYLVANIA micro-mini is the smallest CFL on the market and is designed to fit virtually any lamp to provide instant, beautiful light.

Reduce CO2 Emissions: If every household in America changed one bulb to a CFL, the reduction in CO2 emissions from power plants would be equivalent to taking one million cars off the road in a year.

Save Up To $56 on Your Electric Bill: The average home has 36 light bulbs. Changing just one, 60-watt (W) bulb to a 13W micro mini CFL will give you the same bright light and save you up to $56 on your electric bill over the life of the bulb. Change five bulbs and you’ll see almost $280 in savings.

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rox said...

I love CFL's! I've started replacing EVERY SINGLE LIGHT BULB in my house with these things! I buy my CFL's from Sam's...cheaper!