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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Recycling Plant Searching for Stray Cat Homes Ahead of Move

Look at that PRECIOUS cat! As you know, we have our share of cats and kittens at the landfill and at our collection and recycling centers, too. I've personally placed two: Oscar and PETE.

The SP recycling plant in Richmond is moving and workers say the stray cats that live there will be out on the street again.

The feral cats often find their way inside recycling bins and end up at the recycling center.

Plant manager Wanda McGee has cared for the cats and says she's looking to find them new homes. She says she's placed five cats so far.

"They're adoptable," McGee said, "A lot of farmers will have them in their barns and they're great mousers. They can take care of rodent problems"

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